V2 Demo/New template

Thank you all for your patience. Version 2 is coming a little bit slowly then we have expected, mostly because we want it to be perfect from the beginning. Some new features require a lot of QA and troubleshooting. While we are still polishing the admin panel, we would like to show you the new default template for the “professional” and “social network” editions.

You can review it here:

You can see some new V2 features here: new home, store, category pages, dynamic comments posting/loading, completely custom seo urls, new voting system, and many many more

P.S. I know I will get a lot of responses to this post with the same question: “How can I get this template on my site right now?” Well, this template was build from scratch using the new V2 database and rendering engine. Adopting it to the v1.3.x will complicate it  and bring some performance and stability issues. The template will be available in multiple colors with any V2 upgrade or new order.

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