How much revenue could generate a Coupon website?

Recent news regarding RetailMeNot acquisition shed some light on the question “How much revenue could generate a coupon website?”:

WhaleShark Media announced the acquisition of RetailMeNot, in a deal that is understood to be worth close to $90 million. RetailMeNot itself will make close to $30 million this year in revenue, with what is believed to be a high profit margin.

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4 Responses to “How much revenue could generate a Coupon website?”

  1. Tonkin says:

    Wow! That is fantastic. I’m in a process of setting up our own coupon site and was looking for a real-time data-feed solution when I stumbled upon this post. I like as it is no frills and does not invade the privacy of the visitors, unlike other coupon sites. I would like to set mine similarly to it. Appreciate any advice anyone can give regarding the IT solution for a coupon site.

  2. Tonkin says:

    Oh BTW, I’m setting up the coupon site using WordPress with the CouponPress theme. It has a data import feature that is locked-in with icodes an formetocoupon. Does anyone have any comment regarding this solution?

    • David McNeil says:

      You are asking for comments about couponpress here? Man… It like asking for comments about Kia Rio on BMW forums. Drop the worthless piece of s#@%t and get a real software for your site. Seriously, don’t loose you time on couponpress, it won’t work anyway. The same goes for icodes an formetocoupon. icode is empty, formetocoupon is 10 time overpriced and badly organized. OWS Datafeed is much better.

  3. Fimisavings says:

    I wasted my money on couponpress and wpcoupon. I wish there was a way to make back my money. I just started using OWS coupon script their free version. So far so good. And when i start making some money I’ll upgrade. Sorry I didn’t stumbled upon this site before.

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