New Release: Version 1.3.5

    New OWS Deals/Coupons Website Script version 1.3.5 has been released.

    1. New Datafeed server integration with multiple profiles support.
    2. Datafeed timeout setting/fix for slow or time limited servers.
    3. Deals from the datafeed could be imported as approved or could be manually reviewed before publishing
    4. MySQL Null Default Date settings (i.e fix for 1901-12-13 default date)
    5. Limit amount of tags for the user interface and admin panel.
    6. (*)Admin panel editable Custom HTML Blocks. useful for showing banners, notices, etc..
    7. (*)Choice of a SEO extensions (.html, .htm, .asp, .aspx, .php, .cfm, .jsp) instead of pre-fixed .html
    8. Duplicate an existing deal/coupon or adjust publishing date so it will appear as just inserted.
    9. Rewards functionality improvements: Log transactions and show the list of reward eligible transactions to the users, define andĀ  show the reward amount for each store(revised), show user his/her total amount of accumulated rewards.
    10. Free subscription plans for store owners.
    11. smarty and jquery has been updated to the latest.
    12. Numerous speedĀ  enchantments and bug fixes.

    (*) Requires template modification/update (existing customers).

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