Release: Version 2.0.5 Pro Final

We are pleased to announce the availability of a final release of the OWS Deals/Coupons Website Script Version 2 Professional Edition. Along with that we are also announcing the beta release of the Version 2 Local Coupons Edition.

Its been a long time since the last v1.3 release. A lot of development efforts were invested in this totally redesigned and rebuild system. We made it faster, more efficient, more reliable, more customizable, easier to use and more convenient to work with.

More and more people researching online coupons before making the purchase. We are here to help you to make money on affiliate sales by providing coupons to your visitors.

OWS Deals/Coupons Website Script: Version 2

It’s hard to tell what’s new, since everything is new. The new script is faster, easier, and more fun to use


New completely re-done template engine.

  • 10 times faster.
  • Flexible SEO friendly URLs
  • More different pages an data presentation options
  • Custom html blocks for third party integrations like “Grocery coupons”

New completely re-done admin panel

  • Datatable interface for stores/deals/coupons/users with flexible search option for extra easy way to work with thousands of items
  • Streamlined datafeed integration for 100% automation
  • New “pages management” system with ability to make sub pages
  • New option and parameters to every item for easier management.
  • Complete automation with OWS Deals/Coupons Datafeed.

OWS Deals/Coupons Website Script is a PHP/MySQL based system, designed to provide everything you need to run a successful Deals and Coupons Website.

Deals/Coupons Website Script – Professional Edition

Admin Panel Demo:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Deals/Coupons Website Script – Local Coupons Edition (Beta)

Some specific features (Local Coupons Edition):
- additional fields to the store/merchant profile: address, phone, store owner.
- Google Maps integration – you can show stores on the big map and individual small maps map for each store.
- zip and city/state search.
- printable coupons with barcodes.
- merchants can register and create/manage their own store profiles.
- dedicated interface for merchants to manage store and coupons.
- ability for you to charge merchants for store profiles or let them do it for free. (you can also create several free and paid plans)
- “Deal of the Day”: Groupon/LivingSocial style page with featured deal.
- “Sell the coupon” – Groupon like ability to sell coupons.
Admin Panel:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Deals/Coupons Datafeed – 100% automation

OWS Deals/Coupons Datafeed Service is offering the latest deals and coupons from all major affiliate networks and independent stores. All this content could be automatically imported to your website, so you can spend your time on promotion, not on collecting and entering offers.

- Only the best manually selected coupons and deals.
- Datafeed is updated on everyday basis, so you will always have freshest deals and coupons right on your main page.
- Automated clean up from the expired and “no more valid” coupons.
- Datafeed could be use with OWS Deals/Coupons Website Script (all editions including Free) as well as with WordPress (with “OWS Coupons for WordPress” free theme) or any other custom script.

What price could be better then free? Free website + Free Datafeed.

Right now you can get a beautiful online coupons website filled with the latest offers at absolutely no cost to you. All you need to start is to be a member of at least one major affiliate network and a domain name. Start making money now.

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  1. Jim says:


    Would like to get a quote to upgrade to 2.05 from along with a template upgrade?


  2. admin says:

    You need to fill this form to transfer your account to the new system:

    Than you should see your upgrade options.

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