How fast is our server.

Our main server is located in Downtown Seattle, Washington, USA. Our data center building is one of the largest carrier building on the West coast of the United States and provides us with access to every major service providers in the region, like Sprint, UUNET, MFN, Level3, XO, Qwest, Congent, Global Crossing, Looking Glass, etc.

Here is the speed test result for our server:
USA Only 24 test points: Average Speed: 2028 Kb/s

Whole World: 43 test points: Average Speed: 1286 Kb/s

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2 Responses to “How fast is our server.”

  1. Steve says:

    I am newbie and I have no idea about those numbers. Is it a good speed?

  2. Glen Toad says:

    Yes, it is a pretty good speed. Those numbers mean that server is hosted in a decent datacenter with no apparent bottlenecks to all major networks.
    I just tried to download that file and got ~3600 kbyte/sec (Cincinnati, OH)

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