New Release: Version 2.1 Pro & Local

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new release of the OWS Deals/Coupons Website Script Version 2.1 for both Professional and Local Editions. Along with that we are also announcing the release of the new Group/Local/Deals of the Day datafeed.

Version 2.1 has a lot of fixes, improvements and new functionality. We made it faster, more efficient, more reliable, more customizable, easier to use and more convenient to work with.

More and more people researching online coupons before making the purchase. We are here to help you to make money on affiliate sales by providing coupons to your visitors.

OWS Deals/Coupons Website Script: Version 2.1

Here is the list of major changes for 2.1: LCE – Local Coupons Edition only, PRO – Professional Edition only

- Local/Region/Group Buy/Daily Deals dynamic Datafeed support.
- Holidays. Manage upcoming holidays to appear on your site within certain dates automatically. Automatically or manually assign deals/coupons to the holiday sections.
- Different admin panel login levels. Allow some people to login to the admin panel and view/post/edit offers, but not settings or any financial info.
- Custom sorting for all pages right from the admin panel.
- New SEO Meta tags management – 3 different ways of setting – general, general templates and individual pages.
- Better sitemaps support for huge sites. Multiple sitemaps/sitemap indexes, sitemap caching.
- New email subscription engine now supports smarty templates for outgoing emails.
- Complete Multilingual sites support – language files for interface, dynamic language change and multilingual content.
- CDN support for all static content. CloudFlare, MaxCDN, Amazon CloudFront are supported for the datafeed content.
- RSS feeds for individual stores & categories, more RSS settings.
- over 30 new settings for more precise and fine tuning.
- [PRO] Ability to deactivate merchants and inactive merchants review.
- [PRO] Additional custom queries for import
- [LCE] Group Buy Deals/Deals of the Day section now has all groupon like functionality, like different deals for different regions, scheduled ahead deals, “XX deals need to be bought before deal is on”, etc..
- [LCE] Separate admin panel section for Group Buy Deals/Deals of the Day
- [LCE] Geographical and Location functions. Auto-detection of visitors location and google maps integration.
- [LCE] Regions management for Local/Regional deals/coupons

How to get updated.

1. If you are hosted on OWS Servers, you either already updated or will be updated over the weekend.
2. If you a client with active “support and updates” plan you can either request the update or download and update by yourself starting┬áMonday 7/25/11

Please contact us if you have any questions.

OWS Software Development Team.

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