OWS Deals and Coupons Website System Version 2

It’s been a while since 1.3.6 went out. Right after it we started with some small enchantments for 1.3.7, then we aligned some admin panel interface changes with overall speed improvement and branch it as 1.4, which eventually become called 1.5 with a long list of very good but unfinished and hardly compatible with each other  items here and there.

So we realized that it has to stop. 1.3.6 is a very good and pretty stable version that could live for a while without new fixes. It is also a version that was a product of rapid 1.x.x. development when we cared more about adding new functionality then about how this functionality fits together. It has to retire. And we have to go back to the drawing board and create a brand new software that will be lightning fast, easier to use, and it should be based on our experience and your feedback from all those years.

So we did that, and we are so proud to announce OWS Software Deals and Coupons Website System Version 2.

Version 2 is a major update and it includes everything.

- It’s a completely new OWS Deals/Coupons Website script that is now coming in four different editions including the free one.
- It’s a new owssoftware.com where you finally be able download new releases, upgrade, and  re-new your support/updates package.
- It’s a brand new Deals and Coupons Datafeed management site where you can manage your settings and subscriptions. Yes, there is a free (well, sort of) datafeed subscription too.
- It’s an amazing “Links to the Affiliate links” transformation service, which will allow you to make your affiliate link from any link with one click right from the admin panel of your site.

.. and much, much more.

There is no release date set up yet, we are at the final development stage and we are doing a lot of testing, testing again and re-testing.

I will be revealing more details in the next several days, so stay tuned. Right now is the very first screen shot of the new OWS Deals/Coupons Website Admin Panel.

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6 Responses to “OWS Deals and Coupons Website System Version 2”

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  2. Laura says:

    Its really a great news, we are happy with the 1.3 release but are anxious to see what’s in the store. Couple of questions. Since this will be a brand new engine, will there be a migration/upgrade path for 1.3 customer? Can we participate in the beta software testing if its available.

  3. Rhode Island Affiliates says:

    cannot wait to get my website rolling full speed….

  4. C.Whyte says:

    Looks great, can’t wait to try it out!

  5. Mike says:

    Any New News On The Release?

  6. Mark says:


    So whats the latest news on version 2 – can you give an estimated release date?


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