[Version 2] OWS Deals/Coupons Website Script Editions

Version 2 will be available in  four editions

1. Free Hosted Edition. This is a very feature limited edition, that will be hosted on our servers. It will be paired with our free* datafeed subscription so anyone can have a place to start the deals/coupons website. There will be a separate post explaining “free” options in details.

2. Local Coupons Edition. It specifically designed for starting a coupon promotion site for your local businesses. You can  add local stores, create beautiful printable coupons with barcodes and custom designs, setup and manage subscription plans for the business owners, allow them to create stores and post their own coupons. Visitors can search or browse by the proximity to ZIP code or City and State.

3. Professional Edition. Pretty much everything that you might need to run a successful Deals/Coupons website and make money on affiliates programs. You can post unlimited amount of offers, categorize by dates, stores, tags and categories, import RSS/XML/CSV feeds with deals or coupons, retrieve product info directly from supported merchants or affiliate networks.

4. Social network Edition. You can turn your Deals/Coupons website to the social shopping community.  Users can have enhanced profiles with avatars and comment walls, submit coupons, post comments, interact with each other on community forums, vote for offers, report coupons as working/not working, add each other as friends, create and share lists of offers, and much much more…

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